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Luxury Healing House Home Admission

Luxury Healing House: Home Admission empowers hospitals to foster collaborative

thinking to further support patient care and drive workplace innovation, by closing the

gap and delivering world class healthcare in the comfort of the Patient’s home. We help

hospitals grow and nurture their patients with more patient centered care and improved

patient outcomes.

We Provide:

  • 1-on1 care focusing on the patient’s health and safety in the comfort of their home.

  • Hospital-level care, including IV therapy, lab tests and imaging.

  • 24-hour and instant access to the care team, anytime they need.

  • Improved patient outcome, Home Admission patients have faster recovery times

and less chance of readmission within 30 days.

Home Admission evidence-based research!

Why was LHH: Home Admission created?

This project is about expanding healthcare with an effective and efficient system. The need for healthcare will continue to rise. While the capacity to provide care has decreased. Atlanta has lost 1 of the 2 level 1 trauma centers and 1 level 2 trauma center in the last 2 years. This has placed a strain on the healthcare system in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Partnering with LHH: Home admission will bring hospital level care to the Patient’s home. This will allow more patients to be treated, enhance patient throughput and improve patient outcome.

“Our Goal is to help decompress hospitals across Atlanta and surrounding


How does LHH:Home Admission work?

If you as a healthcare system choose to partner with LHH:Home Admission, we will provide telehealth equipment to all inpatient physicians. We will integrate our epic charting system for effective and safe communication. We will update all pharmacy technicians on new policies and procedures for delivering medications to patients at home. We will provide social workers with

admission qualification training.

Admission qualifications:

  • 18 years older

  • 20-mile radius from admission hospital

  • Appropriate diagnosis

  • Appropriate housing

Admission process:


  • Patient arrives to ER with complaint.

  • Emergency services completed.

  • Patient is admitted to the hospital.

  • The nurse or physician deems the patient appropriate for Home Admission by diagnosis.

  • Social worker is called to ask Patient qualifying questions.

  • Once a patient is deemed appropriate for home admission the social worker will then contact LHH:Home admission.

  • LHH:Home Admission will set up transportation for the patient and set up equipment in patient home.

  • An LHH:Home Admission nurse will receive the patient at home and complete an

  • initial Home Admission assessment with the Home Admission physician to ensure patient has received the right diagnosis and is appropriate for home admission.

  • Admission orders from admitting facility physician will be carried out.


In the event of any emergency medical or environment

the patient will be transferred back to the hospital.

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